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Discover Greece and Taygetos.
Guesthouse Arhontiko

Guesthouse Arhontiko

Surrounded by the beautiful Taygetos and breathtaking views, Guesthouse Arhontiko, welcomes its guests offering a warm, family like hospitality combined with excellent Greek Cuisine and nature.
Built in 800m. altitude, in the center of the beautiful verdant village Anavryti, it is the perfect place to relax and unwind. In the village you will find many springs with fresh water from Mountain Taygetos and the small roads and trails are perfect for a small hike in the nature. Arhontiko offers 5 unique rooms, all with their own character and great view from the balcony. Arhontiko is the perfect place to visit during any season, you can enjoy the vibrant colors during spring, the snowy landscapes during winter or the breezy autumn. If you love hiking, Anavryti is crossed by a lot of Taygetos local trails but also from the well-known E4 European trail. Staying in Arhontiko is like visiting close friends or family. Here you will find the genuine Greek "Filoxenia".

Hotel 1

Hotel 2

Living Room

Luxury Room Arhontiko

2:00 pm
12:00 pm
Απαγορεύεται σε όλους τους κλειστούς χώρους
Self parking: Free
Επιτρέπονται μόνο σκύλοι συνοδοί
Μέγιστο βάρος: 30 kg