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Anavryti is a majestic verdant village, in the beautiful Taygetos.
t is the perfect place to retreat, relax and enjoy nature..


Anavriti is a mountain village in the province of Lakonia. This settlement lies at an altitude of 780-920 meters and is located on the eastern slopes of Taygetos. To reach Anavriti the visitor will cross the steep road up the mountain with the unique view of Sparta, which is located at a distance of 15 km.

The village prospered thanks to craft and commercial activities of the inhabitants who were engaged in the leather industry, farming and weaving. The villagers joined forces and worked together to open up the road without any machinary, that today leads to the beautiful and tranquil village of Anavriti.

Until 1955 the only access to the village were paths that can be visited even today. Unfortunately, with the opening of the road much of the population of the village went abroad even creating the first Greek club in the United States, the Association Vryseaton New York Anavriti.

Located two kilometers one can find the Monastery of Faneromeni, which used to have 18 monks, but now it is manage by only one. There are many Byzantine and post-Byzantine churches, spread in the village, even in the woods, which offer magnificent views Anavriti and the valley of Sparta. The unique building of the village school, houses the botanical, geological and Folklore Museum, with numerous plants and rocks found in Taygetos and objects from everyday life and work of the inhabitants.

Anavriti is crossed by many trails leading to Taygetos. A large number of climbers visit annually, mainly from the popular E4 trail, which starts from the Pyrenees and ends in Cyprus, crossing an astonishing part of Taygetos mountain. Precisely for this reason the Anavriti has become the basis for any mountain getaway.