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The oldest, wildest, roughest mountain in Greece.
Home of the nymph Taygete, daughter of Atlas, worshiped by Spartans..

Mountain Taygetus or Taygetos is on of the largest Greek mountains, at 2407m. high and 40km long. It is located between Laconia and Messinia, stretched from Megalopolies to Tainaro cape. Taygetos is named after Taygete, daughter of the titan Atlas. The mountain range is also called 'Pentadaktilos' (five-finger) as it has five peaks, with one of them being well-known for its pyramidal shape.

Profitis Elias

Profitis Elias peak, is the highest mount of Taygetos, at 2407m. altitude. The peak is well-know across the world, for its unique, pyramidal like shape, which also creates a pyramid shade during dawn and sunset. Its name is one of the oldest recorded in Europe, as it also appears in Odyssey.

The peak's first name was Taleton and was 'dedicated' to Helios, the Sun, to whom horse sacrifices were made. The peak was also dedicated to 'Zeus', the king of Greek gods. The latest name, Profitis Elias, was given due to a small orthodox chapel built in the later years.

Due to its height, the peak is covered by snow during most of the year, as it is located in the Alpine zone. At the same time, some dolomite rocks, can also be found here.

Taygetos Refuge Varvara

Taygetos Alpinists Refuge - Varvara, is located at 1550m. altitude just beneath the mountains highest peak, Profitis Elias. The refuge was built in 1962 by the local Mountaineering Club (EOS Spartis) as the previous refuge was destroyed during WW2. The access is via a rough dirt road, which become even harder during winter, or via the trail from Magganiaris Springs. The building is equiped with a heating, bunk beds for up to 26 people, blankets and a kitchen. In order to spend the night there, you will have to make prior arrangement with the local Mountaineering Club.

*As the Refuge is maintained and managed by the Alpinist Group (EOS Spartis). We take no responsibility about it's condition and provided services. The Refuge opens only upon request and it is not always open, so make sure you contact them as soon as possible.

Things you need to know about the refuge:

  • There is a minimum opening fee as they open 10 people or more. If you are less than that and there is no other team, you will have to pay the whole amount.
  • There is no access to a kitchen. Based on EOS Spartis announcement on 22 Sept 2022, due to Covid measures the kitchen remains restricted. You will have to bring your own food.
  • It is advised to have cash on you for the stay. They will demand a payment in cash in order to stay and dont accept credit cards.
  • Refuge personel only speak Greek.

E4 Caravan Project

As of 2021 we are starting a new eco friendly project which focuses on renovating a caravan which will then be setup near the E4 trail on Taygetos.

The goal is to create a place where hikers can spend their night, hiking from Anavryti to Arna on E4 Peloponnese.

The eco friendly caravan will be moved in the forest with respect for the nature. It will be possible to accomodate 4 people. 

We have already secured the land and the old caravan but we need your help to renovate and equip it.

If you are interested on the project help us with your donation.

Update 2024: Unfortunately the E4 Caravan was destroyed due to harsh conditions and is not available anymore.