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Taygetos is a majestic place, for hiking or cycling.
It is the perfect place to start your adventure in nature..

Mountain Taygetus or Taygetos is on of the largest Greek mountains, at 2407m. high and 40km long. It is located between Laconia and Messinia, stretched from Megalopolies to Tainaro cape. Taygetos is named after Taygete, daughter of the titan Atlas. The mountain range is also called 'Pentadaktilos' (five-finger) as it has five peaks, with one of them being well-known for its pyramidal shape.

Guesthouse Arhontiko

The location of Guesthouse Arhontiko is the perfect place for outdoor activities in Taygetos. You can explore many signaled trails, crossing Anavryti, for amateur and more experienced travelers. Let us be your base to explore Taygetos and surrounding nature.

Adventure in Taygetos

There are options for hiking, mountain cycling, canyoning even off-road for Jeep Safari. From here, you can start your journey to the E4 European trail, crossing Taygetos, or hike to Taygeto’s Refuge and highest peak, Profitis Elias. With more than 10 different trekking trails and 2 canyons, the options are endless!

Experience & Safety

With more than 20 years of experience in Taygetos, our Certified Mountain Guide, will help you plan the perfect trip for you. There are also available escort options to ensure that you will be always safe during your adventure in Taygetos. Start your journey today, worry free; contact us for more information!